About Afpna

The African Pediatric Nephrology Association, AFPNA is the official representative of the International Pediatric Nephrology Association in Africa. It has currently 163 members from 29 African countries. AFPNA was born in 1999, and affiliated to IPNA in 2000.Its first congress was in Cairo in March 2000 where the Secretary General of IPNA, Ira Greifer and thirteen IPNA.   
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About Afpna Journal

African Journal of Paediatric Nephrology is the official Journal of the African Paediatric Nephrology Association (AFPNA). It is a biannual, peer-reviewed closed assess journal. The Journal publishes original clinical, laboratory and population- based research articles on renal diseases in children as well as fluid and electrolyte metabolism. Special features include a clinical quiz on paediatric nephrology, letters to the editor high . Read More....|

NEWS:  Alan Watson visits Soba in Sudan: Alan Watson visited Soba for 2 days in the capacity of ISN Ambassador. Activities included AKI management and some practical sessions of PD and catheter insertion. Multidisciplinary meetings were also held with surgeons and histologists.In all 51 healthcare personnel attended the 2 day meeting


Loss to Paediatric Nephrology world.
** Martin Barrett died after long illness at end of January 2014 – doyenne of Paediatric Nephrology and Textbook of Paediatric Nephrology. Working at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London for most of his life but also always had time to listen and advise people working elsewhere.
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Interventional Nephrology – a Hands on Experience. Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Date: 17-21 March 2014 Sponsored by ISN/IPNA/UPTH. Organised by Felicia Eke. Contact: fellyeke@yahoo.com

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Registration- IPNA Discount Membership

Dear Colleague, You can now register for 2014 IPNA Discount, for new members registration, click here to register (New members) or click here to download. click here for registered members, If you any issue in sign-in contact the webmaster.


French Teaching course Oct 2014 organised by Laurence Koffy in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire – very successful as a regional teaching course & supported by IPNA. Participants very enthusiastic!

Clinical Skills Course Nov 2013(English and French) – Red Cross Children’s Hospital Nephro, PICU and Surgical Teams, Cape Town supported by Saving Young Lives in Africa/ISN/IPNA/ISPD with 34 participants(third French speaking) as teams of doctors and nurses(Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire & Uganda).
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Prof Mignon McCulloch, President Afpna and Dr Chris Esezobor, Web designer and recruitment (Email:esezobor@gmail.com) Read More..|

2012 The Ipna Teaching Course Report

1. Overview of Common Obstructive Uropathy in Childhood. BY: DR RM AKUSE Abdominal ultrasonographyDetection of hydronephrosis. Follow up of hydronephrosis false-negative results- if obstruction is early, if obstruction is mild if retroperitoneal fibrosis or tumour encases the collecting system preventing dilation of the ureter. Read More..|


Nephrology Association
Internacional pediatric nephrology asociation
American society of nephrology
European society for pediatric nephrology,ESPN
American society of pediatric nephrology
French society of pediatric nephrology
Latin American Association of paediatric nephrology
South african renal society


1. A member may reside anywhere in the world.
2. A member must have an active interest in pediatric nephrology and be medically qualified.
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